What is Cohort360?

Cohort360 is a user friendly web-app that simplifies Research on health data.
It has been created by AP-HP in 2018 and is being actively developped since.
Cohort360 lets you:
  • Visualize patient data (we support FHIR APIs)
  • Build patient cohorts using simple or complex criteria ("and", "or", "not", parenthesis, temporal constraints...)
Cohort360 is customizable, you can plug it to your existing APIs (FHIR compliant or not), you can activate/disable features depending on your needs.
You can check out our YouTube presentations here:
Cohort360 AP-HP
And you can also check out our documentation:
Cohort360 also comes with an admin portal (to be open sourced by the end of 2022) but works fine without it.

Who uses Cohort360

This web application is currently running at the largest university hospital group in Europe : AP-HP with more than 12.9 million patient records (39 Hospitals).

Deployment options

Cohort360 lets you choose between multiple options for deployment:
  • If you already have APIs that expose data, then use Cohort360 and configure it to make it work with your own APIs
  • If you don't have any API, then you can contact us to reproduce AP-HP's stack with an OMOP database, a FHIR API, a QueryServer, ...
We suggest you to carefuly read the following two deployment methods to better understand what is the best way to deploy Cohort360 on your side:


The main contributor is AP-HP Health Data Warehouse.
Other contributors include:


Cohort360 is an Open Source project: contributions are welcome! Please see our documentation:


Cohort360 is licenced under Apache License 2.0.


You can contact us at open-source [at]


Thanks to our sponsors:
  • Gitbook for providing this documentation through their community plan
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